Legia Warszawa vs Aktobe [UEFA Europa League], Poland (28.08.14)

Second year in a row, Legia with fantastic choreography against UEFA!

fun fact: you are your icon

thanks for tagging me iloveseikki c:

name: Ada

nickname: none

birthday: 09.10

sexuality: bisexual

height: 1,69 cm

timezone: UTC + 1h

what time and date is it here: 29.08.2014 15:19

average hours of sleep I get at night: 5-6h

the last thing I googled was: “diox” lol

my most used phrase: “lol”/”what the fuck”

first word that comes to mind: sandwich *wut*

what I last said to a family member: “okay”

one place that makes me happy and why: one little park in Warsaw, few months ago happened beautiful thing there - i got drunk for the first time, booyah

how many blankets I sleep under: one

favourite beverages: cola forever

the last movie I watched in the cinema: “Sex Tape” D:

three things I can’t live without: phone with wifi, internet, clothes

something I plan on learning: singing and russian

a piece of advice for all my followers: always be yourself in spite of all, every single one person is beautiful, peace yo


「 Austin & oli blog 」


「 Austin & oli blog 」

Nie poznajemy ich po twarzach. Rozpoznajemy po numerach
Krzysztof Ignaczak o chińskich siatkarzach (via pallavoloedipiu)